Welcome to Autism Advisory Adelaide


Autism Advisory Adelaide is dedicated to offering a wide variety of specialised services for children and adults on the Autism Spectrum and the individuals who support them.


We integrate the most recent research on Autism with our practice to enable individuals to build their skills, utilise their strengths and reach their full potential. Our highly individualised, collaborative service ensures the participant is at the centre of all decision making and the focus remains on long term outcomes important to them.

Our values...

Autism Advisory Adelaide has 5 core values, each reflected in our colourful tree logo. Our values were inspired by the origin of the word 'Autism'; originally derived from the Greek word 'autos' meaning 'self'.


Self-advocacy. The green leaf. Empowering individuals on the Autism Spectrum to ask for what they need and desire using functional communication.

Self-competence. The blue leaf. The ability to tackle lifes challenges through skill and capacity building.

Self-regulation. The pink leaf. Ensuring safety for ourselves and others, encouraging productive coping strategies and building positive mental health.

Self-efficacy. The yellow leaf. Remembering the power we possess as individuals and living up to our unique potential.

Self-determination. The purple leaf. Accepting challenges knowing we can cope, contributing to our growth and propelling us forward.

Who are we?

Stephanie (Director and Lead Clinician) has over 8 years experience in the field and many more through familial lived experience.​​ She has a Bachelor of Special Education and Disability Studies and a Postgraduate Certificate in Autism Studies. 

Stephanie has had hands-on experience and continues to train and upskill in the field, attending workshops by the likes of Tony Attwood, Sue Larkey, The Little Black Duck, Genevieve Jerub and more. 

Autism Advisory Adelaide has expanded services in 2022, and is now offering supports with two talented and caring Developmental Educators coming on board, Kayla and Renae. Kayla services the Southern region and Renae services the Northern region. 

What we do...

  • Work with individuals, families and key stakeholders to build functional and adaptive life skills for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

  • Build close relationships with participants based on respect and in depth knowledge of their individual characteristics.

  • Select appropriate interventions motivated by a focus on capacity and skill building and utilising participants strengths.

  • Use a multidimensional approach to assist with intervention.

What we offer...

  • A high level of knowledge and expertise within the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders and a commitment to ongoing professional learning.

  • Dedicated and responsive staff.

  • Skill based programs, education and interventions based on the most recent research in Autism.

School boy sitting in classroom

School boy sitting in classroom

Chlid performing physical activities on  sensory integration class

Chlid performing physical activities on sensory integration class

young adult man with disability engaged in craftsmanship on practical lesson, in rehabilitation cent

young adult man with disability engaged in craftsmanship on practical lesson, in rehabilitation cent