Mission Statement

Our Location


Autism Advisory Adelaide operates out of Adelaide and services the NDIS areas of Eastern Adelaide, Southern Adelaide, Western Adelaide, The Adelaide Hills, Tea Tree Gully and Playford Salisbury/ Port Adelaide (Enfield). Service provision occurs within the participants place of residence, work, school or the community. 


If you live Regionally, please contact us as we may be able to support you.

Autism Advisory Adelaide started as a vision in 2016 before truly coming to life in Adelaide in 2020. 


Autism Advisory Adelaide strives to address the need for quality service provision, one individual at a time. We value neurodiversity and acknowledge that individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder think and learn differently, not incorrectly. Our strengths-based approach recognises that, although having Autism may present with challenges, as a whole provides society with additional insights into seeing and interpreting our world. Autism makes our world richer, and our aim is to identify the ways in which our participants can communicate their richness to the world. 

Autism Advisory Adelaide will work collaboratively with you, your family or your organisation to build an understanding of the strengths our participants posses, as well as their opportunities for growth, to achieve meaningful outcomes. 


What is Developmental Education?


Developmental Educators (DE's), like Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists, are part of Allied Health and can work under the NDIS to deliver Therapy to participants. Like OT's and SP's, we help develop an individual's capacity by skill-building and helping them to become more independent. However, we are the only professionals trained specifically in Disability.

Developmental Educators work with people with a disability across the lifespan. We have specific training in working holistically to teach life skills, address barriers that impact functioning, develop and reach challenging learning goals and increase quality of life measures the individual.

Developmental Educators can be found throughout Australia, however they are more popular in South Australia due to the study pathways available to gain qualification as a DE. Flinders University, located in SA, is highly regarded and was the first university to offer a Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education. South Australians have been very lucky to have the first recognised DE's, however the profession is expanding rapidly and now well sought after all over the country.

Stephanie is passionate about promoting the profession and is also a board member for the professional association for Developmental Educators; Developmental Educators Association Incorporated (DEAI),

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