(18 years and beyond)


Autism Advisory has a passion and commitment towards helping adults on the Autism Spectrum achieve their goals and visions for the future. We can work in consultation with you or your family members to develop an action plan for the current, or next stages of your life. ​



Articulating a message and understanding the messages others send to us can be a complex process. We can assist you with strategies to improve receptive and expressive communication skills, develop your own sense of self advocacy and assist with understanding the signals sent to us through others communication.


Meaningful social connections with others are critical for improving and maintaining mental health. We can assist you with finding new ways to access social opportunities, teach you the skills needed to keep social relationships, coach you in developing emotional self regulation skills and developing an awareness of others perspectives.

Independent Living Skills

Living alone or in shared accommodation as an adult can be an exciting part of your life. Learning to be independent however requires a lot of complex and novel skillsets. We can assist you with finding accommodation and somewhere to live, assist you with supports to move out fo home, develop your personal finance and budgeting skills, knowing what healthy self-care looks like, cleaning, shopping, travel training, making healthy choices and setting up realistic and enjoyable routines and schedules. 

 Academic and Post Secondary Options

Being well equipped with skills, such as literacy and numeracy skills, can help make your life easier and assist with your independence. We can assist with the above, as well as help explore transitioning from school, navigating university (or other study options) and assist with developing good study habits.

Job Seeking

Getting a job is an important marker of independence and can help develop feelings of competence, self-worth and community inclusion. We can assist you in the job seeking process by helping you put together a CV, write job applications, increase your job readiness and interview skills, help you find areas of work that match your strengths and interests, as well as support you to self advocate in the workplace.

Community Access

Accessing the community is critical for developing independence skills, gaining confidence and self reliance, problem solving and most importantly- for enjoyment! We can assist you in finding suitable community based activities to attend, support you to access these settings as independently as possible and strengthen your feelings of connectedness with others.


We understand that transitioning to independence and seeking help as an adult can be challenging and overwhelming. If you would like assistance in any other area(s) not listed above, please contact us as we may be able to support you. Our job is not to be the driver of your life, but rather an assistance navigation system to help equip you with the skills you need to achieve your own goals. 

Some examples of how we have supported adults accessing our services recently;

Frank* is a 34 year old man on the Autism Spectrum. He has had difficulty leaving home for some time due to his co occurring conditions of anxiety, OCD and agoraphobia. We supported Frank by offering counselling services aim at explaining the causes of his OCD, how they impact the brain and worked on desensitisation goals each week.


Travis* is in his early 20's and has a diagnosis of Autism. He needed up some additional support learning basic literacy and numeracy skills, as well as some support to transition from his family home to his new shared place of residence. We were able to support Travis using the Sounds Write program to strengthen his phonemic awareness, and undertook real world tasks such as shopping and cookin to work on his numeracy skills. Travis has seen progress in his reading and writing and is now enjoying pursuing his main hobby of music composition.

Claire* is in her late 20's and was having some difficulty accessing social events. After having a conversation with Claire, her family and conducting an assessment, it was evident that Claire needed some more skills to feel confident in the community. We were able to support Claire by teaching her travel skills, such as how to catch public transport and address safety concerns, as well as increasing her social confidence. Claire now attends weekly art classes with a group of newly-found friends and continues to access supports to build her capacity in other areas.