Girls with Autism

What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is neurological, developmental condition. Individuals with ASD have recognisable differences to the Neurotypical population within two primary domains; social interaction & communication and restricted & repetitive behaviours (DSM 5). The brain of someone with Autism is 'wired differently'. How ASD manifests in an individual is entirely unique, like a fingerprint. Autism Advisory tailors their programs to suit the individual, recognising strengths and working towards goals important to the individual.

Do you have any specific populations that you work with?

DE's are disability specialists and equipped to work with individuals with many different types of disabilities and co-occurring conditions. Autism Advisory Lead Clinican has a specific interest in Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), Selective Mutism and Anxiety, however, has also got working knowledge and an understanding of ADHD, ODD and OCD. The teams experiences have been quite varied, however because we are so 'individual focused' we are very flexible in what we can offer and will upskill if we feel we need increased knowledge to support you better.

Do I need a diagnosis to access Autism Advisory Adelaide services? 

Autism Advisory considers each family on a case by case basis for goodness of fit with service provision, regardless of whether a diagnosis is present. Ulimately, our services have been designed for individuals with Autism and strategies used may not be as suitable for other populations requiring support. During the initial consultation, we will ascertain the goals of the family and consider the next steps for intervention. If at this point you or our staff are unsure of the suitability of the participant, all parties will be notified promptly.

What NDIS registration groups do you bill under?

CORE- Assistance with Daily Life

  • Therapeutic Supports (01_741_0128_1_3)


CAPACITY BUILDING- Improved Daily Living

  • Therapeutic Supports  (15_056_0128_1_3 )

We also use specific line items for Early Childhood Participants. As of August 2020, the hourly rate for these registration groups are $193.99 per hour. If you have funds in Capacity Building, we tend to bill from these first however we can use Core funding if you low on CB funds. The only exception to this rule is 'Lego Therapy' which must be billed under Capacity Building.

We will also need to charge for some travel which will be based on your location.

Do you have a clinic?

No, we are fully mobile and come to you! Therapy and skill building is best taught in the environment skills will be used in.

Who can you help? Can you help NDIA managed Participants?

While Autism is our specialty, we are not limited to working with individuals with Autism. We can help any Plan or Self-Managed Participants with a disability, considered on a case by case basis. (Once our NDIS Registration process is completed, we will be able to provide services to NDIA managed participants- so keep checking our website for updates).

What is your referral process?

  1. Initial contact from the individual and/or their Support Coordinator

  2. Complimentary consult with the individual to determine needs and suitability (and family if applicable)

  3. Intake Meeting with Service Agreement signed (paid services from this point)

  4. Assessments Tools used to establish baseline 

  5. Based on assessment outcomes, a therapy plan is built.

  6. Implementation of Therapy

  7. Progress reports and recommendations

What sort of Professionals are you?

We are Developmental Educators.


A Developmental Educator is an Allied Health Professional specifically trained to work with individuals with a disability across the lifespan. We are multi-disciplinary disability specialists, having completed a disability-specific tertiary degree. We have a lot of overlap regarding what we can provide with Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists, however their degrees are more broad and don't specialise specifically in disability.


The professional association that we work under is called the DEAI. We are required to complete ‘Continuing Professional Development’ each calendar year to be eligible to re-register as Developmental Educators.

Are you neurodiversity positive?


An Autism diagnosis requires commonalities across two critical domains (see above), which is where the similarities are with any two people with Autism. But this is where the similarities end. We really encourage all the people we work with (participants, families and community members) to embrace and view the Autistic population as a positive contribution to society, and reflective of normal human variation. 

Some people do not see Autism as a disability at all, which is understandable and respectable, and don't feel having Autism deems it necessary for any sort of intervention to take place. Other Autistic people feel they need additional support to navigate through life. Each perspective is worthy of acknowledgement and respect. We are here to support when and if you feel that is part of your individual journey.