Professional Development

-Are you a service provider supporting an individual with ASD?

-Are you an employer with someone with ASD on your staffing team?

-Do you work with children in a school or child care centre?

-Does your organisation have a lack of knowledge of ASD?

-Would you like to increase your awareness of Autism specific support strategies? 

-Have you recently had someone close to you diagnosed with Autism?

-Are you looking to make your facility more Autism friendly?

There are many reasons why someone may like to learn more about Autism. Quality support requires a true understanding of the neurological differences in thinking, perceiving and relating for someone with Autism, and the social and societal barriers they may face.

Autism Advisory Adelaide can provide you and your organisation with useful information on ASD. Tailored workshops on a specified topic of your choice may also be negotiated upon request.


2 hour presentation- $450

Each subsequent hour priced @ $160 per hour

Please note: Projectors or PowerPoint facilities will be required. Participant workbooks (featuring PowerPoint slides) will be included. Maximum of 30 participants.